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How To Get Clear On Your Blog Purpose

Get Clear on your Blog Purpose! Having a clear understanding of your blog purpose is important if you want a successful blog. It's one of the first core fundamentals that you should think about even before you start to build your blog. But like the majority, we have an idea of what we want to blog about so we go ahead ...
Heartfelt Creations - Explosion Box - Papercraft Business. Free Printable Download - A Full List of Supplies Used!

Heartfelt Creations – Explosion Box

Hi, beautiful you. This is the first time that I have ever created an explosion box & I must say that I really enjoyed putting it together. I created it for my Mum for Mothers Day & I was pleased that she loved it. When she opened the lid of the box, you could see the surprised look on her ...
The Sweetest Thing - My Besties - Papercraft Business. Download the FREE Copic Marker colour combo.

Sweetest Thing – My Besties

When I first saw this digital image from My Besties I knew that I had to give it some colour! I decided that it was the perfect day to sit outside in my backyard & colour the image in the glorious sunshine. I took my Copic markers, some music & settled down for a few hours of colouring. The music was gently ...
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13 Signs You’re Passionate About Papercrafting

From the day I created my very first scrapbook layout I knew that it was going to be a hobby that I would love! Before the end of the week & a few layouts later, I was in love & 100% addicted to my new found hobby. By the end of the month, it was all I could talk about ...