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Sweetest Thing – My Besties

When I first saw this digital image from My Besties I knew that I had to give it some colour! I decided that it was the perfect day to sit outside in my backyard & colour the image in the glorious sunshine. I took my Copic markers, some music & settled down for a few hours of colouring. The music was gently ...
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13 Signs You’re Passionate About Papercrafting

From the day I created my very first scrapbook layout I knew that it was going to be a hobby that I would love! Before the end of the week & a few layouts later, I was in love & 100% addicted to my new found hobby. By the end of the month, it was all I could talk about ...
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A Papercrafters Goal Planner & Why You Should Have One

Have you thought about setting goals for your papercrafting hobby? Have you considered the direction you would like to head towards as a papercrafter? Download the FREE Papercrafters Goal Planner to start setting your own papercraft goals. A while ago, I didn't think that setting goals for my creativity was something I needed to worry about. The thought never even entered my ...