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Do you feel...

  • Like you're punching out your papercraft projects as fast as you can to share them on your blog?
  • Disappointed that hardly anyone leaves you a comment about the projects you spent hours creating?
  • Your papercraft blog is lacking direction & a clear focus of what you want to achieve?
  • Unsure of what you're doing it all for & losing interest in your papercraft blog because you're not getting the results you want?
  • That you want more from your papercraft blog & want to take blogging more seriously but not sure what to do or how to go about it?

A FREE email challenge that helps you gain focus of
why your blog exists 
& what you want it to become!

Does this sound a little too familiar?

You absolutely love creating your papercraft projects & publishing them to your blog. You want to show & share your creativity with others.

You hope that other papercrafters will visit your blog to see what you’ve created, to leave some comment love & some words of encouragement from one papercrafter to another.

But after a day or two, you’re feeling deflated as you’ve had no comments (except from a few design team members from the online challenge you entered your project into) & zero engagement from your readers!

You feel even more frustrated because…

You know from your blog stats that people are visiting your site but they’re leaving as fast as they arrive!

Your projects aren’t being shared on social media & you’re only getting the occasional blog follower!

You’re constantly sharing your projects on a regular basis but you don’t seem to be gaining the results you want from your blog!

You feel lost, frustrated & wondering if your blog is worth all the effort you put into it.

I’m here to tell you that it is worth it!
Maybe you just need a little guidance?

Let me help you gain some insight of what you could be doing to fix it!
You deserve to get the results you want for your blog!

Join my FREE email challenge that helps you gain focus of why your blog exists & what you want it to become!

Here's what you'll learn In this Free 5 day email challenge:

  • The reasons why you blog, why your blog exists & how you can blog with purpose!
  • Why & how you should set goals for each & every blog post that you write
  • What you would like to help your readers with & why you should focus your blog on one niche papercraft topic
  • What you want to achieve with your blog
  • PLUS a FREE printable Blog Purpose Workbook
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Who is the Blog Purpose Challenge for?

  • You're a papercraft blogger that wants to re-focus your blog & take it more seriously
  • You're a papercrafter that wants to start & create a new blog
  • You're a papercrafter that wants to start earning an extra income from your blog
  • You're a papercraft blogger that simply wants some better blogging results

Let’s get started!
Join the challenge & find your blog purpose today!

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